With professional team, rigorous management and advanced equipment, the company focuses on the research and development of fashion bathroom brand of professional concealed shower. The spirit of being passionate, outstanding, innovative and enterprising, as well as the inclusive and broad-minded manner, perfectly combines the Western enthusiasm with the Oriental implicitness, forming a remarkable personality and style.


Ovriofa is the creator and disseminator of comfort and fashion, constantly creating a new culture of fashion Oriental bathroom.

The company adheres to the corporate culture of "treat people with sincerity, Deacon with faith, honest business, stable life" to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. We go all out to base on modern bathroom high technology, with better product quality, more advanced appearance design grade, more perfect after-sales service, and strive to forge a brand focusing on quality. We have a leading technology, quality first, first-class service industry Tabula Rasa!

10+year Concealed bathroom

10000Square meter


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Bathroom products

With its continuous improvement attitude to create every product, every product as a perfect handicraft.

Even though we live in a high-tech era, when it comes to the high-quality requirements of product design and function, we still highly rely on people is exquisite craftsmanship.




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Strict control of the production process and product inspection, meticulous, starting from a small accessory. With a rigorous and serious attitude, it has been recognized and trusted by customers at home and abroad.